Happy Birthday, Thanen

I want to wish a happy birthday to my brother, Thanen, who passed away in the summer of 1995.

Eight years older, he and I shared the same birthday, November 28 (1974 and 1982 respectively).

He was a great older brother: letting me watch horror movies way too young, locking me in his room with my other siblings and pretending to be a zombie, hiding a tape recorder and getting me to say bad words and using the tape to blackmail me, letting me have his old Marvel toys, creating elaborate games and obstacle courses with us in the house and yard, being really cool, telling me not to smoke as he had a cigarette, learning to play guitar first, growing his hair long, telling me that I’m an annoying idiot, doing his own dubbing over ridiculous Hindi soap operas, and just being my brother.

I’ll never forget him and always think of him on this day we share.

Life wouldn’t be the same without him and isn’t the same without him.



About Tony

Lives in Austin, Texas and likes music, art, philosophy, and random stuff.
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