Asymmetry and Life

“Order implies the dominance of some unifying concept which relates the complex elements of architecture in some meaningful way. In a broad sense this maybe be accomplished by the absolute relationships of a static, geometrical symmetry to which the form of most Japanese religious and official buildings adheres. But the unique contribution of Japanese architecture has been the development of a system of asymmetrical order, the inherent energy of which multiplied its effectiveness as negative entropy, or order. For asymmetry imparts a unique vitality by requiring participation in experience; by suggestion, in directing the mind to complete the incomplete, by providing a constant source of ever changing relationships in space. Asymmetrical order is not an externally imposed finality but an extension of the process of life. It recognizes that life is not static, perfectable, finalized, but rather that its essence is growth, change, and relatedness.”

-Carver, Norman F. Form and Space of Japanese Architecture. Tokyo: Shokokusha Publishing Co., 1955. 14.

(Great words for buildings and life)


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