And so it begins…

I hope everybody else in Austin or coming to town is excited for South by Southwest. The traffic might suck, and you can’t get a hotel room, and there are lots of tourists, but I still think it’s a ton of fun. Additionally, if you are a local who likes to complain, don’t forget that the festival brings in at least $99 million dollars to the community. Check it out in this study by some folks I know.

My 10 days of craziness kicks off tonight with the Flaming Lips at Austin Music Hall and the Austin Rodeo (my first rodeo event) tomorrow. I’m more excited about this year than last actually, as there are SO many bands I want to check out and an excessive number of great free parties. Here’s a brief list of some new and old acts that I want to see:

  • Miike Snow
  • Memory Tapes
  • Broken Bells
  • Royal Bangs
  • Phantogram
  • Sharon Jones
  • Broken Social Scene
  • The xx
  • Washed Out
  • Lyrics Born
  • Major Lazer
  • Pretty Lights
  • Bright Light Social Hour (local favorites, go guys!)
  • Here We Go Magic
  • Rural Alberta Advantage

The list goes on and on and on, and the free parties are absurd this year. If you haven’t started RSVPing, you should get on it. Check out the Austinist list of SXSW day shows, parties, and more. Here’s a list of events with free food. Lastly, I have put a bunch of different parties and shows (but not all of them by far) onto a Google Calendar that you can check out (warning: some require a music badge and most parties require RSVP):

Tony’s SXSW Calendar

This calendar includes a lot of the shows that I’ll be trying to check out, so maybe I’ll see folks there. The letters indicate priority rankings (just based on personal desire, not necessarily quality. There’s a lot of time conflicts on great shows), A-D, with A being a top ranking.

I have plans to see many friends during the festival, and hopefully I’ll run into folks that I wasn’t expecting to see. If any friends are coming in from out of town, please send me a message.

And if you aren’t coming out, after all the music  I will post reviews of the shows and trends and recommendations of new acts we see. Otherwise, check out any of the bands from that list, and hopefully you won’t be disappointed.


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Lives in Austin, Texas and likes music, art, philosophy, and random stuff.
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