Buy Renter’s Insurance!

On Friday night while I was out at a show, my apartment was burglarized. They kicked in the back door and stole most of my electronics and a few other things. All around a pretty crappy thing to come home to, but the one saving grace is that I had just gotten renter’s insurance two weeks before.

Thanks everybody for your commiserations and offers to help. The insurance should cover everything (fingers crossed), and I lost very few irreplaceable things (some files/photos on the laptop), and I think my landlady is graciously letting me out of this brand new lease so that I can move away from my next door neighbors, who are my primary suspects in this criminal investigation.

But let this be a reminder to folks of the value of renter’s insurance. For only $14 a month, I have $17,000 worth of valuables covered in case of flood, fire, theft, etc. This includes your car, when it’s parked at home.

So currently, instead of being out over $9,000 in replacement costs for a wide variety of electronic goods, including my TV, xbox 360, laptop and more, I’m hopefully going to not lose a dime.

Be warned, anybody that offered to help: if you live in Austin, I may take you up on that as I hope to rush move myself into a new place this Wednesday/Thursday evening. If everybody takes a carload, we’ll be done in a super short time! Beers on me!

Robbers Live Here:


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